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I Can't Wait
to Meet You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills, my business,

and how I can serve you.

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Step Two

Submit your new guest appointment request profile so I can be fully prepared for our consultation.


Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. I can’t wait to meet you!


If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, please see my FAQ.

The Pre-Visit

Hi gorgeous!

You are making the first step to beautiful  hair! I cant wait to build a long lasting relationship with you. During the pre visit experience  is where your client profile comes into play. You will be filling out my “New Client Online Consultation” form. This form will let me know a lot about your hair history and what your hair goals are. The most important parts are the pictures I have you submit, in the form I will have you submit a picture of your hair as it now, in good lighting. Then in a separate section I would love for you to upload any inspiration photos. This will help me get a feel of what your hair goals are. 

Depending on your hair history, to be on the safe side I may decide it would be beneficial for us to do a swatch test, patch test or in person consultation. 


Following the form  will be in contact with you to book our first appointment together!


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The Consultation

Upon your arrival I will show you to my station and get acquainted with one another. Next step is our consultation. If we decide that no swatch testing is required we will go over your online consultation form together. I will ask you any questions I may have and recommend any product for you to take home after the visit. Its also a great time for you to ask any questions you may have about the process, price or general hair questions! I will explain the process and steps it will take to get you to your end goals.


At this time I will take any before pictures if allowed.

Once we have finished the consultation its time to start! 

After Goodbye

When that blow dryer starts, its the start of the end of our time spent  together its bittersweet but this is where we get to see the finished product! 

Once your blow dried and styled its time to checkout!

We want to keep your hair gorgeous, right?

Ill show you over to our product shelf and recommend any products/ treatments for your hair to use at home. Its important to remember  that we need to upkeep our new color and maintain hair health! I like to use the 30 - 70 rule, 30% of the work is done at the salon with color treatments and a haircut the rest of that 70% of time is your use of quality products and at home treatments in between your hair appointments . Remember that you only see your hairstylist every 4,6,8 weeks. sometimes even only twice a year! That is why it is so important to use good quality products on your hair. 

Products & At Home Care

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