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Invisible Bead Extensions®

I am now offering IBE!

Invisible Bead Extensions®, the #1 most requested extension method.


Invisible Bead Extensions are the #1 extension method in preventing damage, style versatility and eliminating discomfort. They are the most requested method in extensions and one of the only methods that require extensive training so you know you are going to the best of the best


Consultation   45min            $25

During our consultation we will have an in depth conversation about why you want extensions, what your current daily routine is, what color services you receive and what products you use. This also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the IBE method. We will then decide if your a good candidate for extensions.

From there we will go over what the maintenance and pricing is for initial hair cost and each visit. We will also discuss what treatments and products to use after instal.

At this visit we will order your hair and shipping typically takes a week or so, your so close to having your dream hair!

1 Row IBE Install 2hrs               $200 

1 row of Invisible Bead Extensions® Is mainly used for volume and thickness or a pop of color. *Does not Include price of hair & or color needed.

2-3 Rows IBE Install 4hrs        $400-$600

2-3 rows of Invisible Bead Extensions® Is used for volume and thickness as well as length. *Does not include price of hair or color needed.


Cost of hair depends on desired length and thickness. Depending on how many wefts of hair needed for each row. Book a consult with me to get a more accurate price quote.

14” Handtied Wefts

16” Handtied Wefts

18” Handtied Wefts

20” Handtied Wefts

22” Handtied Wefts

24” Handtied Wefts

$298 - $640+

$498 - $700+

$698 - $960+

$898 - $1050+

$1098 - $1344+

$1298 - $1840+

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